" I met Jennifer at a show in Los Angeles. I quickly figured out she was the reason I was there. I knew immediately that she was the real deal. The tools and techniques that I learned from Jennifer through our coaching sessions have been priceless! I continue utilize many of these practices daily. She has been an extremely important piece of the puzzle on my spiritual journey. With her guidance I have been able to work through and release so much of what was holding me back from my true purpose and potential. Things I never imagined I would be able to free myself from. I am so grateful that our paths crossed."

 -- Coaching client - Crystal B.  (Los Angeles. CA)


" I feel extremely blessed that I was able to meet Jennifer Montero.  I am very familiar with the spiritual community and am able to discern whether someone is legitimate or not.  In my opinion there are very few people that are truly  gifted. When I met Jennifer I was searching for someone that could get rid of the evil possession of a  church that I belong to.  


My gifts and talents were not enough  to complete the exorcism necessary to get rid of this evil that had possessed the church.  There was a history of child abuse as well as murder of native Indians on the grounds, and some form of witch craft.  Before meeting Jennifer, we had gone through several cleansing sessions that included smudging, drumming, bells and prayer work.  There was one session where the person next to me was using my Tibetan Bells.  She was clanging the bells together when all of a sudden one of the bells stopped in mid-air at a 40% angle and did not move.  This was against the laws of gravity, yet we both saw it and then the bell fell off of the rope and hit the floor.  This evil energy was extremely strong.


Jennifer came to our church and did some ritual work  to heal the land, bless the children, bring in the female energy, and then went through the church to break the ties of the spirits to the property and the evil deeds that had been done.  It was supposed to take only an hour, but I believe it was 3 hours before it was completed.  Jennifer was able to connect with the higher forces as well as the evil spirits and clear the church."    

 -- Church space clearing client - I. H.  (San Francisco Bay Area)



" For the past year and a half I had been suffering terrible pain from shingles. The physical symptoms disappeared in a few weeks but the debilitating nerve pain lingered for a long time. I tried every cure I heard about and some of them were helpful (homeopathy,acupuncture and chiropractic) but still I went to bed with pain medicine several times a week. When speaking with my son, he recommended that I have a healing session with his teacher Jennifer Montero. I spoke with Jennifer and we set up a healing session via a phone call. Not knowing what to expect I prepared myself by meditating and trying to be in a receptive mode for the session. When I called Jennifer she explained how the session would proceed and some possible things I might experience. I relaxed and the phone call continued in a peaceful and interesting way. When we finished, Jennifer and I spoke briefly about the experience and hung up. For the following day or two I felt better, but still some lingering pain. However, after three or four days there was a noticeable shift to feeling pain free. Since then I have not used the pain medicine I had been using regularly for over a year. The feeling of relief was wonderful. I am enjoying feeling comfortable in my body again. I am very grateful to Jennifer and her contribution in helping me to heal my body. She is a talented woman with a gift for helping others."

 -- Healing client - J. S-K  ( NY)


"Five days working with Jennifer on a pristine beach in Mexico has been a transformational and momentous period in my life.  Her gentle, loving guidance lead me to experience a re-awakening of authentic joy and inner contentment I have not felt in years.  Since re-intigrating into my every day life, I have been able to carry this feeling with me and through my example, I am able to share it with others.  I am forever grateful."  

-- Coaching, Healing & Retreat participant - J Souter-Kline (Central America)


I was a Correctional Captain at one of the most dangerous prisons in California and oversaw the most staff assaultive area of any prison in California. You see up until the last six months or so, the violence hadn't really affected me for whatever reason. But now my staff were getting hurt sometimes more than once a day. I began feeling the pain, suffering and anger of my staff and it was eating me alive. I was at the lowest place I've ever been in this lifetime, I thought I was dying on the inside and didn't know what to do. A friend told me about a local healing fair and I hadn't gone to a healing / psychic fair in approximately 20 years. As I walked around looking at the booths for nothing in particular, I stopped at Jen's booth barely looking at the items on her table. She engaged me in conversation and I agreed to a fifteen-minute healing. I felt like an Angel was talking to me. The unconditional love and compassion I felt from Jen through the entire session was amazing. I received two attunements during the session and when I got ready to leave, I really didn't want to because I felt like I had known Jen forever. I picked up her brochures and we spoke about the services she offered. I was particularly interested at this point in her counseling sessions. I had to leave her booth because I had signed up for another healing session at another booth prior, time it took me to walk approximately five booths away, I knew two things for sure. One, I no longer wanted anyone else to touch me after that amazing healing session and the other was, I was going to be her student. I had my first counseling session with Jen on September 17, 2015, four days after the fair. On December 28, 2015, I retired from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations to pursue my spiritual path on a full-time basis.


It has been approximately thirteen and a half months since beginning this journey with Jen and I have resolved too many karmic issues to address here. However, with her coaching and Divine guidance, I was able to face the man who sexually assaulted me forty years ago to tell him how his actions affected every day and every aspect of my life since the abuse. I was not only ably to resolve all of the fears, pains and angers associated with this abuse, but I also was able to forgive my abuser completely, knowing he could no longer hurt me.


Thank you, Jen, for your Divine guidance.



I have participated in three of Jen’s retreats, two in Mount Shasta and one in Mexico. I can’t say enough about each of these experiences and the people I have met at each. They have all been unique in the sacred sites we visited and the meditations, learning experiences each has provided. Each retreat has been filled with Divine teachings, and galactic experiences. Experiences have been shared as well as practicing our intuitive abilities and card readings. Each day was filled with new and exciting teachings, coaching advice and individual healing. The most recent retreat in Mexico was magical, our accommodations were right on the ocean in beautiful villas. We had vegan/vegetarian meals catered and enjoyed a truly amazing full moon ceremony. 



My daughter Jaclyn has had one healing session with Jen, attended one retreat. During this time, my daughter started developing her own intuitive and healing abilities. 


I asked Jen to start doing weekly thirty-minute healing sessions on my son Timmy on August 1, 2016. Timmy has Down Syndrome and has had approximately seventeen surgeries in his short 11 years. Twelve of these surgeries were for ear tubes and Timmy’s ears were infected again. Although this is a simple surgical procedure, it has not been s for Timmy. The last three surgeries have had complications involving dangerously low pulse, blood pressure and this last time he aspirated all during the surgical procedures. As his mother, the idea of having to put him under anesthesia again was becoming terrifying. In the last three months, Timmy has not needed to have any further surgeries and in fact, his hearing has returned to normal in one ear with the tube out. His other ear has the tube partially in and has only a minor hearing loss.  His hearing loss before for both ears with tubes was moderate in both ears. Timmy was also being treated for Hypothyroidism and taking daily medications, which he no longer needs to take. Timmy’s cognitive functioning has immensely improved as well in the last three months. Timmy also loves to do Mantra’s with me every weekend. Thank you, Divine Creator/Heavenly Father/God of all things.


Thank you Jen for being a Divine Channel for all. 

 -- CC -  Coaching client, Energy Medicine Client, Retreat participant  (Northern California)

I can't tell you how truly and deeply blessed I am to have met Jennifer.  I started working with her at the end of May 2016 and with her guidance, my life has improved in ways I can't even put into words.  Jennifer is one of the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate, and caring souls you will ever meet.  She has helped me heal deep wounds from my past that have allowed me to live an infinitely happier and more fulfilled life, and we're still going!  With Jennifer in my life, I feel that no matter how rough the waters of life, I can easily and peacefully float downstream, knowing that I'm supported, guided, and loved.  Thank you Jennifer <3 

 -- P.D. - Coaching client, Energy Medicine Client, & Retreat Participant  (So. California)

Love, love, love, Jennifer Montero!!  Her work is amazing and she has helped me so much with my blood sugars down 3 points after 2 sessions.  I am so happy to have met Jennifer and truly believe in her and her abilities to heal with pure love and gratitude.  Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

 -- L.W.  - Energy Medicine Client  (Reno, NV)

I'm really really thankful that you exist and that you extend your knowledge and love and tools to us. I feel very comfortable and very protected in your care. I couldn't imagine doing this exact work with anyone else. You are so unique. And I thank you for recognizing my truth and my efforts and my courage :') For so long I put myself above everyone else but with no real self love or sense of genuine accomplishment, I felt so different and closed off and felt that up top was the only place for me but I am LOVING the ground and am loving the earth and am loving my fellow beings and am loving this process and am loving the gifts that time brings me. It wouldn't be the journey it is without you. I am thankful we are doing this now and I am not sitting with my suffering or pain or being a victim any longer. I am working through it and learning about it and stepping aside from it and growing from it. It is remarkable. You are a goddess. And I think I've been hesitant to this healing in the past because I've never felt some comfortable or true authenticity from any teacher the way I have with you. You are warm and never threatening yet wise and selective and intelligent. I appreciate you from all depths of my soul and I know this gratitude will only blossom. Thank you for guiding me but also giving me the room I need to guide myself.

 --C.W. Spiritual Counseling/Coaching & Medium Reading client  (So. California)

I met Jennifer at a Healing Arts Festival. I was immediately drawn to her open, kind energy. I was smack dab in the middle of several life crisis! I had developed a severe reaction to peppers and my husband and I were separating! Her conversation was so comforting! I decided to have a reading. Her reading was so beautiful and authentic. Having given her no background she told me I recently had to change my diet, and that I would benefit from these changes. She was absolutely correct! Because of the severe allergy to all peppers, my diet was completely different! And, now that I have been on this diet for a year, I love the way I feel from the foods I choose. She then went on to tell me that my long time relationship was ending, and not to be concerned. She told me that I would have peace and happiness because of this separation. Again, she was speaking the truth. She went on to tell me some other beautiful, inspiring things about my life. She eased my burden of worry and lighted my heart with encouragement! My conversation with her was truly one of the biggest blessings of my life! I am grateful that Jennifer shares her gift to bless others!  Namaste, Carole

-- C.H. - Reading, Energy Medicine client  (Cameron Park, CA)


As I was walking to the Dragonfly market to meet up with a dear friend, I heard a very loud and distinct message; look for a teacher. I had no idea what the heck that meant until I met Jennifer. Her presence alone drew me to her, and when I read more about her practice and saw the words shamanic healing, my heart sang and told me this is the teacher! Without hesitation I asked for a healing from her, and during the session my mind was being blown by her abilities. So much raw power, love, and healing. The way she was healing, was very similar to the way I would practice on my friends, even more validation that I was meant to be there. After our session, I told her that I received a message to find a teacher and I knew then she was the one that I was drawn there that day to. We began our lessons the following week. Jennifer's teachings have illuminated hidden parts and talents in me that I did not even know I had. I have received distance energy attunements from her as well, where the energy that was coming in glued me to the ground! Haha

I have been using that knowledge on my clients and also on myself with incredible results. I am now transitioning into a new way of healing, less force with massage and with more intention, energy and light. And the most amazing thing is, the results speak for themselves! I am extremely honored to have crossed her path, because she has given me tremendous amount of wisdom and courage to do the work that I believe in my heart is what I am meant to do here on this beautiful planet. Not only have I learned how to heal others, but she put great emphasis on healing myself as well so that I may continue to do the light work with more ease. If you are seeking healing or training in the healing arts, Jennifer is and will be a blessing to you. There will never be enough words to show my appreciation to her, I am looking forward to continuing my training with her in the future.  
 -- D. Wolf - Coaching & Energy Healing client (San Francisco Bay Area)


Jennifer has been a wonderful counselor and has helped me get in touch with my guides. With her help, I have a better awareness of my spiritual mission and have gotten back into meditation. Jennifer has also helped me with clearing my home and my family from negative energies. I am constantly using her blessed waters to clear my loved ones and my home.

-- Diana A. - Coaching client  (Hayward, CA)

 When I first started working with Jennifer I was in the beginning stages of developing my inner voice with spirit. I was second guessing my intuition. My head was head was getting in the way of my heart and blocking the flow of the light. She right away helped get me grounded then showed me time and again many ways to open up and listen. So today I have a much larger selection of tools to help me get out of my head and back into my heart. I am also an empath and has helped me on many levels clear myself from things that have stuck on to me that caused blockage and taught me how to help myself. She has shared much of herself and her experiences that help to know I am not alone on the things I have gone through and still go through. She has also helped with my dreams on how the spirits work with me through them. I love how her angels and guides help her with each person  just as they need it. She listens well and is always open. She has made such a difference in my life on so many levels, I know she is a being I will always be able to count on as a strong ally.

-- H. Hill - Coaching & Energy healing client  (Grass Valley, CA)

After a 30 minute session "The Healing has been working marvelously. My knee is tip top and I've lost 22 pounds".

-- Michelle L. - Energy Healing, House Blessing & Reading client (Sacramento, CA)

I had an amazing time with Jennifer!! She is so welcoming, so funny, and makes the process of getting information from spirit fun. She is so talented and gifted, yet is so nice and friendly. Her readings are practical, relatable, and extremely accurate. She was able to pick up on things no one else has been able to. Not only that, she is able to offer real life, specific help for specific situations. She has been non-judgmental and supportive in allowing the person to process the information and still follow their path.

-- A.N. - Coaching, Reading, & Energy Healing client (Sacramento, CA)

I first met Jennifer a few months ago and knew she would be able to help me.  Besides doing energy healing work on me, we worked on cleansing my property.  Her ability to cleanse the property was incredible; I no longer have issues present in the home as I once did.  Jennifer is very confident in what she does and it comes through in her healing ability. I’m blessed to have gotten the opportunity to meet her and looking forward to her assistance, guidance, and coaching in the future.  

-- J. Alexander -  Coaching, Healing, House Clearing client (Sacramento, CA)

I met Jennifer at a New Earth Expo in San Diego. I was at a booth directly across from her and attracted to her energy. Light and vibrant and full of possibilities. Jennifer began with identifying my guides. She was able to accurately list the spiritual masters on my alter. She also properly identified that there was someone psychically attacking me at work,, and prescribed a gemstone for protection. Since then, all my relationships at work has been flowing smoothly. 

Jennifer was able to identify that I had an Asian connection, describe the general land features experienced on my last Asian trip, and describe that I would help heal the land and the people by improving the agricultural techniques. That aligns with my intense interest in healing the body through diet. She saw me forming relationships that would further develop my ability to contribute . To my amazement, I have recently met a person involved in international food policy. 


I am looking forward to how my journey will continue to unfold. Thank you for helping define my life journey and contributions. 

-- David -  Energy work & Coaching client - (So. California)

Jen has been a real godsend in many ways.  I was dealing with a bad situation with a man...a not so good man, and Jen had me do some writing exercises to sort the whole mess out.  I was able to leave this person and move forward after I completed my writings...the great thing was that I was never really told what to do with this person from Jen, the writing exercise handled it all and I was able to get clarity and not look back.   Jen also advised me on connecting with my angels.

I have 3 of them.  I've been in bad situations lately (financially, and spiritually) and when I called these angels 3 weeks or so ago, I have to tell you that my situation changed within 24 hours...amazing.  I'm still climbing out of a hole, there is no instant fix for anything, but without Jen's guidance I'd probably be at the very bottom of that hole right now.  Things are better!


Jen is inspirational, intuitive, and enlightened.  Do not hesitate to seek help from her.  I highly recommend you do! 

-- Diane S. - Coaching & Spiritual guidance client (Livermore, CA)