Jennifer was born a highly sensitive intuitive and medium, with natural healing abilities.  She has purified her being and developed her abilities to the highest levels to be able to carry, channel, and maintain a very high frequency or vibration.  This allows for her to access high levels of consciousness and become a direct connection to the Divine beings that are helping to assist this planets growth.  She is now a Master level Energy practitioner and spiritual teacher, as well as a speaker for the last 4 years.


Through her spiritual practices she has reached and is able to move into 12th dimensional vibration or level of  consciousness, and this is the highest level one can attain in physical form without astral traveling.  Because of this attainment she is able to work with the Ascended Masters, Elohim, Seraphim angels, and other higher dimensional Divine beings.  She is a Channel and Their tool for healing and guidance.  She has been initiated into high level energy medicine traditions, received teachings and is a student of Ammachi the "Hugging Saint" for the last 14 years, in January 2017 had been initiated and received teachings by the Dalai Lama in the Kala Chakra practice, in 2014 was initiated and is now a 2nd level initiate of Kriya Yoga in the lineage of Paramahamsa Hariharinanda a direct disciple of Yoganandaji & Swami Shriyukteshwarji.  2018 has received initiation into Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya by Sadguru.  She has also received initiation by Shiv Yog Babaji 2013 into the ancient practice of Shri Durga beej mantra sadhana.  She has received darshan (seeing a Holy person or time with or in presence of a Holy person) from Maha Avatar Babaji 2014, Parmahamsa Hariharinandaji 2014, Amma Karunamayi 2015, 2019 and Mother Meera 2017 and Shri Shri Ravi Shankar 2018 and many other Ascended beings that graced this Earth at one time in physical body. 


Her work consists of and is designed to work in partnership with beings such as Seraphim, Elohim, and other Angelic beings of Light, while also able to move energy and channeling direct from Source and the Ascended Masters, the Hathors, and Ammachi.  Your DNA, energetic bodies, as well as your specific needs will determine who and what Divine energy comes through, for you at the time of your sessions.  You will receive the highest level of Divine energy for what's in your highest good in the effort to help you heal physically, mentally, spiritually  and or to facilitate shifting into the 5th Dimensional reality.  She is Divinely guided throughout the process of light transmission (no ego), and when guided will move into modalities such as sound, shamanic, crystals, toning, in addition to specific interplanetary and cosmic energy transmissions.  


The Access Bars method can also be part of the session. Whether it be health, wealth, spiritual growth, or relationships you’re in good hands.  She can help you set your intention in your sessions to bring optimal results. Her energy transmission sessions and abilities are highly evolved and are transformational in improving your life on all levels. Please see the testimonials.


***Depending on your level of comfort Jennifer offers in-person, or phone sessions for distance work, which is just as powerful for all of her services.


Services she provides:

  • Energy healing of chakras & subtle bodies for spiritual development & ascension/raising your vibration, to remove blockages, heal the body, mind & spirit.  Jennifer can offer self-healing tools to help you on all levels.  These sessions can bring in healthy relationships, creativity, abundance.  This may also include bringing in past life recall & clearing meridians & nadis to bring forth wealth & success in business or career.  (Can also can be done from a distance)
  • Shamanic work for clearing attachments, past life issues, karmic release, entity release, and dream interpretation.  (Can also can be done from a distance)
  • Sounds healing with drums, rattle, singing bowls, & toning.  (Can also can be done from a distance)
  • Crystal healing with various quartz crystals, healing pendulum, andara crystals from the Mt. Shasta region for chakra clearing & balancing.  (Can also can be done from a distance)
  • Access Bars healing modality uses touching of trigger points on the brain to change & shift negative thought processes in the brain to transmute cognition to help you create a life of more abundance of all things good.  This modality can address all aspects of life from money, creativity, control, aging, the body, joy, calm, just 20 mins.  (Can also can be done from a distance)
  • Medium readings for resolution & loss of loved ones.
  • Spiritual/Intuitive development, mentoring, & coaching.  She will give you meditation and experiential practices & specific tools, teachings, & guidance channeled by the Divine throughout your sessions.
  • Spiritual Counseling services will allow you healing on all levels, in order to resolve pain, suffering, karmic cycles, and imbalances brought on by past & present life traumas.  These sessions will bring more peace and joy into your life through different methods such as guided meditations, intuitive insights, soul retrievals, and other deep inner work as you partner with Jennifer.
  • Animal healing, readings & services to help their needs as well.  (Can also can be done from a distance)
  • House cleansing & blessings. (Haunted spaces included in this service)
  • She is also available to do reading & healing parties.  If you would like to host there will be either be a discounted rate given or free session depending on the number of people in your party.  This can be for themed parties, birthdays, bachelorette parties, reunions, or just because. 
  • Spiritual retreats for individual/personal one-on-one experiences or group retreats.  Jennifer has hosted many retreats both domestically & internationally over the last 3 years.  You are sure to have profound & meaningful experiences, as well as transformational growth during & after these spiritual journeys.  You will find balance of mind body & spirit at the end of each pilgrimage.  Request to be on her mailing list for future notifications & details on upcoming retreat destinations.                                                                                                       ***Note that if you want a personal retreat please send request via email.  Together you can choose the experience & setting you'd like to have.


 Coaching with Jennifer:


If you find yourself at a cross-roads in your life and know that you are in need of specialized teaching, personal mentorship, and coaching please do follow that guidance and trust that you are ready for this process at this time in your journey.  You are reading this, not by chance, but by Divine Grace.  Whether you are an intuitive already well versed in using your gifts & abilities or you are just beginning this journey of connecting with your Divine purpose or your spiritual path in a new way, coaching with Jennifer is the next level in your advancement to becoming the best version of your true self!  She can take you to the level of mastery given your firm time, consistency, & dedication to following the guidance that comes through her for you.


The coaching services that Jennifer provides is for a variety of reasons.  This service can be to help you move through your personal spiritual path, finding your life purpose, developing yourself as an intuitive healer/oracle/teacher, or living a better life in balance with your spiritual being (higher-self).  Jennifer will facilitate for you the guidance needed to get you to a place of balance, abundance, and clear direction on your life path.  


Sessions are very individualized, and also meant to help with your personal or spiritual growth and evolution as you ascend or move into the 5th Dimensional consciousness (unconditional Love) that many people have already or are still moving towards.  This will be tailored to your needs, based on the guidance that is channeled to Jennifer by Source, the Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, and other Divine beings of Light that work with her on your behalf.  She will work with you in 12 week cycles, and at the end of each cycle you may decide to stop or continue with the coaching process.  Each week will include a full hour phone call to assess your progress & continue giving meditation instruction, spiritual teachings, tools for self-healing (energy attunements are additional fee), & techniques for your spiritual evolution along the way.  The energy attunements that Jennifer can offer can be used on yourself and others in your own healing career if you so choose.


Together you will decide what your goals are and where you'd like to take your journey spiritually, in your career, or in life in general.  Based on those things you will be Divinely guided all the way, by Jennifer's ability to connect & directly channel information from the higher dimensional beings that choose to come through for you.


You will receive homework on a weekly basis, teachings of a spiritual nature, including techniques for spiritual growth, and development of your intuitive & healing abilities, as well as how to best utilize them for your daily life.  This process is meant to take you to the highest level on your path, & to your purpose, for your highest good.  You are given the tools for self-empowerment to not only to improve your life, but also mind, body and soul for overall wellness.  


Most of her clients have been working with her far beyond the initial 7 week cycle.  If for whatever reason you are unable to work with her on a weekly basis, which is ideal for continuity & to see significant progress & the best results, she is open to working with persons on a bi-weekly basis.  



You will not regret having followed your heart's call.  Please take a look at her testimonials to see the impact this kind of learning can make on your life.