August 18, 2015


Looking at this beautiful standing one, just makes me want to sit and meditate and receive the blessings of Mother. Enjoy the life of a tree today!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Divine Mother/Father for all of the nature provides for us!

July 21, 2015

I had the most interesting conversation with an 8yr old girl at the beach today. She asked me my name & we introduced ourselves. We chatted about being at the beach & then she popped the question I didn't anticipate coming from an 8yr old, but then again, I'm sure she sensed my spirit. She asked me if I was Christian or Catholic. What??!!

I began to tell my story of being brought up Catholic but now believing that all religions are great! I asked her if she was Catholic & she said she was nothing, but that she believed in God.......this is the kicker, she said, "but I don't believe in his Power."

That's where I was stumped. But she added, "but I do believe that when it rains it's because he's sad." I asked, "what is he sad about" & she said, "He's sad his son was killed & mudered & hung on a cross. He says my son died too soon."

Boy I tell you, she threw me for a double loop. I was amazed that she wanted to have this conversation & share her thoughts. It was special for certain. Then she swam off, just like that she was gone. I tried to see where her family was but I couldn't find her. That was the highlight of my day.

Now, I'm off to Sedona w/my great friend & mentor. Excited for what opportunities will come at this blessed event. I post w/a picture of a rose petal, I took that initially looked like a heart, but it's shadow looks like angel wings.

Wishing many blessings upon you & may you feel God's presence in this moment. He's here & he is strong in your heart!

Love & expanded consciousness!