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Jennifer Montero was born with clear intuitive & medium abilities, as well as natural healing abilities.  She comes from a line of curanderos, the Spanish word for healers, and is part Mayan Indian allowing her to bring the power of that heritage into this incarnation.  Always drawn to nature and the metaphysical, she understands the benefits they bring to our bodies and overall wellness.


She was re-introduced to her God given abilities by a shaman and rediscovered her path of natural and holistic medicine, using her abilities to be of service to others in their personal healing and spiritual journeys.


This motivated her to start her conscious spiritual development, by being Divinely guided and taught by many Master teachers who have entrusted and initiated her into powerful and transformative traditions of energy medicine.  She has also been given the gifts direct from the Divine Masters in new energies that only she is able to carry and pass on to others.  These are new technologies of energy that are very powerful and high frequencies of transformation to help facilitate self-healing in the ascension process and more importantly into the 5D consciousness.  Some of the medicines come from Taoist, Buddhist, Kabbalist, Planetary, Huna, Galactic, & many other traditions.  She also has the ability to channel the medicine & wisdom of the Ascended Masters and Arch Angels such as Mother Mary, Jesus, Arch Angel Michael, Adama, and St. Germain to name a few.  


Along with these practices, she was guided & introduced to the practice of crystal therapy, & shamanic ways of self-healing.  During this time of transformation she has been immersed, in the meditative arts, & has a highly developed & focused meditation practice.  She is an initiate & practitioner of a sacred yogic meditation practice Kriya Yoga, in the lineage of Master teacher Paramahamsa Yogananda, author of "Autobiography of a Yogi" through direct disciple Paramahamsa Hariharinanda.  It is through this practice that Jennifer was able to attain 12th Dimensional access (Angelic Realm & beyond).  She has since been given many sacred initiations and attunements into higher vibrational energy technologies that she passes on to her clients.  She is able to move through all dimensions as is neccessary to do the work she is here to do.


Since 1989, she has done some form of meditation, and 2013 has regularly practiced many different and more focused modalities of meditation.  These are included as some of tools she incorporates in her energy work and transformation coaching sessions.  Her goal at this time, is to help awaken the self-healing abilities in all those, who are open to heal through their own potential, to uncap their own true connection to the Divine and each ones Higher self and all the benefits that it entails, to de-stressing and detoxing of the mind, body and soul.  


Since having suffered & overcome years of ongoing battles with auto-immune issues such as Sjögren's syndrome, Hashimoto's disease, severe panic disorder, fibromyalgia, depression, severe migraines & other chronic conditions, her concentration has been on a true passion for the holistic practices available to us all.  Having incorporated not only yoga, meditation, but also herbology, shamanic healing, an organic/non-gmo diet & energy healing practices into her lifestyle her life has changed dramatically.  She no longer is in need of medications or preventative prescription drugs to keep her body free from chronic illness, pain.  


She is now on a mission to help others move through their process of ascension, see & realize their own soul purpose, self-realization, and self-healing potential.  She is here to help you create a life filled with peace, health, and overall joy and love for oneself.  She also sees the need to help with the gift of sight to develop their own intuitive abilities.  She gives ascension transformation or life purpose coaching sessions, as well as spiritual counseling to help improve your overall well being, health, and relationship issues.


She is also currently working as an environmental activist to help in the preservation of the sacred Native American sites and the rare ecological structure of Tesla Park.  Jennifer speaks on behalf of the Native American Community as a board member of the Society of American Indians, and the Indian Education program, 2 local non-profits.  If you are interested in helping with these efforts please click the following link to see more information on how you can also help Mother Earth at this time.


If you are interested in supporting our local non-profit by offering donations to help provide scholarships and services to our Native American school children please see the following link to see how you may feel guided to help this special program.


"Self-love is the seed to growing a life filled with peace and wellness."

Om Amen Aho!

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